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Virtual Aliases

Virtual Aliases is a plugin which, as the name implies, allows multiple aliases to be defined for a single MODx document. The virtual aliases will be permanently redirected (301 redirect) to the document's actual alias.

This plugin is useful because it allows any existing links to be gracefully redirected when porting sites from another CMS to MODx or for changing a site's organizational structure.

Available Downloads:

virtual_aliases_0.0.3.plugin.php.txt 2.29 kB 1199 2012-02-21
virtual_aliases_0.0.2.plugin.php.txt 2.11 kB 1644 2010-07-29
virtual_aliases_0.0.1.plugin.php.txt 2.18 kB 0 2007-05-31


To install, first download the plugin code below.

Create a new plugin within the MODx manager and copy and paste the contents of the downloaded code.

Check the OnPageNotFound box in the System Events tab.

Add the following to the plugin configuration:


&aliasesTV=Aliases TV name;string;Aliases

Finally, create a new Template Variable (TV) named "Aliases" with the following option:
Input Type: Textarea (Smaller)

New aliases should each be added on a separate line. Omit any leading or trailing slashes as well as the default suffix (usaully .html)