Mar 10

New Blog Underway

I'm working on a new blog design and content overhaul and hope to be posting regular blogs here soon. Some of the previous entries have been removed temporarily, please stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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Jun 07

Tag Cloud Usability

Lately I've been playing with the mootools javascript framework and I've been exploring some of the possibilities of improved user-content interaction. I've come up with an "enhanced" tag cloud filter which allows users to quickly narrow down tag results based on popularity or search for a particular tag. A demo, along with the pertinent javascript source, is available at my links archive page.

I've also released a new plugin for MODx, virtual aliases, which allows multiple document aliases to be defined for a single document.

May 29

A New Design

Hello and welcome to the latest incarnation of my personal (we)blog. The design has been several months in the making, mostly due to time conflicts with school and other development projects. I'm still clearing off some of the dust and cobwebs so please bear with me.

I've recently been working with a content management system (content management framework, to be more specific) called MODx. MODx is a truly dream and its potential is limited only by the developer's creativity (and knowledge).